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The Moberly Community College Greyhound Basketball Booster Club will host the Basketball Meet-and-Greet Scrimmage at the Fitzsimmons-John Arena on Thursday, September 15. The event will begin with the Lady Greyhounds doing an inter-squad scrimmage at 5:30 pm followed by the Men’s Basketball Team scrimmaging at 6:00 pm. Both teams will be introduced and there will be a Pot Luck dinner for the squads and boosters at approximately 6:45 PM. There will be free admission to the event but attendees are welcomed to bring food dishes to assist with the meal.

Both teams are coming off National Tournament appearances and will open their seasons on Nov. 4 in the Orscheln Classic.

Greyhound & Lady Greyhound Hall of Fame

Greyhound Inductees

1978 Matthew Aitch (1963-65)
1978 Dan Callahan (1954-56 / 1986-91)
1978 Jim Carey (1953-55)
1978 Charles Dudley (1968-70)
1978 Cotton Fitzsimmons (1958-67)
1978 Maurice John (1946-58)
1978 Andy Knowles (1968-70)
1978 Dr. W.H. McCormick (1947-87)
1978 Mabel McCormick (1947-)
1978 McCoy McLemore (1960-62)
1978 Jim Mudd (1956-58)
1978 Phillip “Red” Murrell (1954-55)
1978 Harrison Stepter (1965-67/1971-73)
1978 Tom Thoenan (1965-67)
1978 Roscoe White (1959-61)
1978 Bill Wynn (1953-55)
1979 Don Anielak (1949-51)
1979 Stan Isle (1946-61)
1980 Dr. James Luetjen (1950-52)
1981 Richie Daly (1958-60 /1967-72)
1984 Bill Gardiner (1946-48)
1984 Joe Mimlitz (1961-63)
1984 Charlie Spoonhour (1972-74)
1985 Gene Gathers (1967-68)
1989 Ray Steiner (1949-50)
1990 Glenn Cafer (1949-51)
1990 Joe Gummersbach (1955-57)
1992 Bob Johnson (1962-64)
1992 Jim Kitchen (1967-69)
1993 Don Gosen (1947-49)
1993 Ralph Gerhard (1958-93)
1994 Dave Terre (1956-58)
1994 Malcolm Thomas (1981-83)
1996 Carson “Corky” Alderson (1956-58)
1997 Lee Kariker (1974-83)
1997 Terry Smith (1979-81)
2001 Dean Roy Buntin (1956-72)
2003 Albert “Skinny” Morton (1955-57)
2003 Jerry Andress (1950-51)
2003 Dave Slaughter (1951-53)
2004 Gerald Wilkins (1981-82)
2005 Dana Altman (1983-86)
2005 Mitch Richmond (1984-86)
2007 Larry “Gator” Rivers (1969-70)
2010 Leroy Jackson (1977-78)
2011 Nate Johnson (2001-02/2009-11)
2011 Freddie McKenney (1977-1979)
2014 Jeff Strong (1982-84)
2015 Raymond Sills (1973-75)
2017 Eddie Smith (2003-05)
2017 Jermark “Marty” Wise (2003-05)
2018 Charles L. Bledsoe (1984-85)
2018 Bernard Day (1983-85)
2019 Ken Kujawa (1978-2008)
2020 C.J. Pepper (1996-1998)
2022 Nancy Ketchum

lADY Greyhound Inductees

1989 Dick Halterman (1978-83)
1989 Laurie Littrell (1978-80)
1990 Rochelle McKenzie (1980-82)
1992 Jackie Glosson (1981-83)
1992 Kathy Schulz (1981-83)
1993 Sheri Sills (1979-81)
2003 National Tournament Team (1981-82)
2008 Alan Eads (1986-94)
2010 LaWaynta Dawson-Wiggans (1988-89)
2012 Tracy Aldridge-Dailey (1992-94)
2014 Gwen Muex-Riddle (1983-85)
2017 Dewella Holliday-Shuck (2000-02)
2018 Carrie Ragar McKinney (1993-95)
2022 Lady Greyhound Team (1980-1981)


Greyhound Basketball Booster Club

Whether it’s raising money or a ruckus in the stands, cooking chili, or playing golf, the Greyhound Boosters are an active group of Hound fans. Find out how to join the fun and become a booster this season.

Want to be a part of a fantastic athletic association within your community? 

The Moberly Greyhound Booster Club would love for you to join them!

The Moberly Greyhound Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) organization associated with the Moberly Area Community College and is a vital part of the Greyhound and Lady Greyhound Basketball teams. These teams compete in the National Junior College Athletic Association, (NJCAA), in Division I of Region 16. The men’s basketball teams have one of the winningest programs in junior college history with four NJCAA Championships, three NJCAA runners-up, and four third place finishes. In addition, they have had 27 national tournament appearances and have recorded the most National Tournament wins. The women’s team won the NJCAA National Championship in 1982 and the Lady Greyhounds have made 14 national tournament appearances since the program was established in 1977. Many athletes from both programs have continued on to the NCAA Division 1 level and a number of them have played professionally.

The Moberly Greyhound Booster Club relies heavily on their members to promote these basketball programs and assist with the activities of the Club.

Annually, the Moberly Greyhound Booster Club is responsible for the following:

  • Pay for all out of state recruiting and player travel per NJCAA rules
  • Pay for weekend and additional meals for team members not covered by scholarships
  • Purchase travel suits, sweat suits, shirts, and bags for the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams
  • Provide funding for summer school for athletes needing additional hours to complete their 2-year degree
  • Sponsor and support the MACC Sports Hall of Fame with induction, recognition, and awards
  • Co-sponsor the MACC athletic banquet in April, providing awards for the past season and sponsoring athletic Alumni
  • Hold multiple “meet and greet” events for new players, prospects, coaches, members, and the public per NJCAA rules
  • Sponsor a reception for basketball related reunions in conjunction with the MACC Alumni Association
  • Sponsor a golf tournament the last Monday of June as the major fundraiser for the organization
  • Hold a Chili Supper as a fundraiser during the basketball season
  • Sell Commemorative coins of relevant past Greyhound dignitaries as a fundraiser.
  • Any other fundraising activities as needed to support the programs
  • Organize and fund a Thanksgiving Holiday dinner for players and coaches
  • Assist the coaches and teams with additional requests as needed

Dues to join this organization are only $100 annually. Or, if you prefer, you may buy a season ticket package offered by the Moberly Area Community College that includes your Booster Club membership in the package price.  Please consider joining the Moberly Greyhound Booster Club. Membership is vital to the Club and is a fun and rewarding experience. The athletes are a wonderful group of young men and women who know the members personally and are very appreciative of the Club’s support.

Please call Pat Burke at (660) 263-1057 for more information regarding joining the Moberly Greyhound Booster Club!

The Greyhound Booster Club generally meets once a month for a business meeting.  The meeting usually takes place on the first Monday of the month.