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108 Players Since 1978


2020 Chatori Tyler, 1st team
DeAnna Wilson, 1st team
Shania Liburd, 2nd team
2019 Chatori Tyler, 1st team
Kaysie Newson, 1st team
2018 Anisha George, 1st team
Angelia Wiggins, 1st team
Jocelyn Taylor, 1st team
Brianna Perry, 2nd team
2017 Carnethia Brown, 1st team
Romekia Wallace, 1st team
Anna Stewart, 2nd team
2016  Autumn Jones, 1st team
Romekia Wallace, 1st team
2015 Aleyah Chivers, 1st team
Kre'Ana Henry, 2nd team
Kendra Gladbach, 2nd team
2014 Alexis Newbolt, 1st team
Alexis Robinson, 1st team
2013 Kelsey Williams
Shanevian Holden
Morgan Vetter (H.M.)
2012 Ashley Stevenson
Jessica Bygate
Mykel Boyd (H.M.)
2011 Lauren McKinnis (H.M)
Becca Schemmer (H.M.)
2010 Jaleesa Harmon
Kayla Rice
Kianna Flannagan
2009 Kandace Cross
Kianna Flanagan
Kristen Williams
Dnaya Mims
2008 LaTashia Pratt
Kristen Williams
Brea Banks
2006 Mesha Williams
Amber Lewellen
Ashley Baker
Ashley Lovelady
2005 Nikya Hughes
Mesha Williams
Khadigrian Murphy
2004 Ebonee Downey
Marquita McFarland
Bridgett Boykin
Tegan Stuart
2003 Sharelle Stewart
Bridgett Boykin, H.M.
Ebonee Downey, H.M.
Marquita McFarland, H.M.
2002 Dewella Holliday
Khalilah Henderson
Jennifer Beamon
2001 Dewella Holliday
Khalilah Henderson
Allendria Rudd, H.M.
2000 LaTonya Douglas
1998 Brandi Grigsby
Tanisha Johnson
Shavonda Willis
Patrice Coleman
1997 Tanisha Johnson
Jocelyn Browning
1996 Darcy Nikes
Tara Knox
1995 Carrie Ragar
Jamie Koester
1994 Tracy Aldridge
Rosheda Hopson
Julie Johnson
1993 Chris Gard
Rosheda Hopson
1992 Sonya Harlin
Keisha Roberson
Arlene Miller
Janel Witte


About Greyhounds

The Greyhounds tradition dates back to the 1930s. Winning coaches, supportive faculty, and a devoted fan base make MACC a great place for growth on & off the court.

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